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All buildings face one great enemy: moisture.  
Moisture erodes your building's skin letting
destructive elements in, then rusts the skeleton and so
begins a deterioration process.

The specialists of Reliable Building Systems can
intervene, to stop this process and restore the
integrity of your building and the value of your real
estate investment.

Founded in 1979, RBS is a leading Chicago-area
restoration firm.  We work closely with building
owners, managers and consultants to ensure that
every detail is completed to the satisfaction of our
client, the consultant's specifications and our
standards for quality, cost and scheduling.
Quality workmanship is our first priority.  Our union
work crews are well trained, experienced and
supervised by professionals trained in the
architectural restoration of multi-story structures.
At RBS safety is a high priority.  We have maintained
an excellent safety record since our inception and
continually work with our staff to ensure the safety of
people and property at all times.

Close coordination between our teams and building
owners ensures that projects are completed with
minimal disruption, on time, within budget and to your
complete satisfaction.