Northwestern University Tech Institute
2145 North Sheridan Road | Evanston, IL

The original structure was completed in 1942, “Tech” is situated near the shores of Lake Michigan on Northwestern’s Evanston campus. The main building hosts NU’s School of Engineering. In the early ‘60s two wings were added to the structure, making it a significant presence on campus.

RBS was contracted to restore localized portions of the exterior wall of Northwestern’s Technological Institute. Repairs included tuckpointing of mortar joints, removal / reset of stone, repairing steel window lintels, installation of flashing with s/s drip edge, replacement of spalled lannon stone, patching of spalled limestone, perimeter window sealant replacement, and installation of sealant between window glass and aluminum frames.
Northwestern University Arthur Rubloff Building
375 East Chicago Ave | Chicago, IL

Part of Northwestern’s downtown campus, The Arthur Rubloff Building consists of postmodernist design the façade is comprised of granite cladding and a glass curtain wall system. Construction was completed in 1984.

RBS performed curtain wall and sealant repairs of the façade including sealant removal & replacement at metal-to- metal, glass-to- metal, granite-to-metal, and granite-to- granite joints; and removed and replaced glazing gaskets with new silicone gaskets.
The Ronald McDonald House
211 E Grand Ave | Chicago, IL

This 15-story high-rise building located in Chicago’s Streeterville completed construction in 2012. The largest of five Ronald McDonald Houses in Chicagoland, this 66-room facility offers support to families whose children are being treated at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital.

RBS was contracted to perform brick infill work at the east façade; specifically installation of shelf angles, sheet flashing with drip edge, face brick, and end caps at the elevation change of the parapet wall.
Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile
540 N Michigan Ave | Chicago, IL

This modernist skyscraper stands 46 stories above Michigan Avenue and was completed in 1978.

RBS was contracted to perform cleaning and sealant replacement including precast-to- precast, metal-to- metal, glass-to- metal joints. Repairs also included vertical concrete repair, repair areas of corrosion stains including grind & point exposed pin locations, filling of concrete form tie holds, and surface preparation and installation of elastomeric coating on concrete surfaces.
The InterContinental Hotel
505 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

This large hotel complex is composed of two primary buildings; the original 42-story south tower completed in 1929 and the 26-story north tower completed in 1959. The towers consist of limestone panels with carved decorative adornments supported on steel angles attached to structural steel frame.

RBS was contracted to assist with an up-close architect / engineer examination of the façade. We performed localized limestone repairs on approximate 15 drops at the South and North Towers in addition to selective demo, brick masonry repair / replacement, tuckpointing, joint sealant, and steel coating.
Techny Towers Conference and Retreat Center
2001 Waukegan Road | Techny, IL

About: Set on a sprawling 150-acre campus known as Techny Towers Conference and Retreat Center is a former seminary constructed at the turn of the 20th century. The building contains large conference spaces, housing quarters, and three chapels.

Project Details: RBS was contracted to perform extensive rehabilitation of the exterior walls at two main locations – the main chapel and church tower. At the main chapel, the scope included removal and rebuilding of window heads; rebuilding of the exterior wythe of brick; rebuilding of back-up masonry; removal and replacement of limestone colonettes, flat-faced limestone and profile limestone units; while grinding and tuckpointing masonry joints. At the church tower, we removed and rebuilt step parapets; rebuilt exterior and interior wythe of brick; removed and reinstalled limestone quoins, jambs, and mullions; rebuilt back-up masonry; and ground & pointed joints.
Saint Luke's Episcopal Church
939 Hinman Ave | Evanston, IL

About: Main construction of the church was performed between 1906 and 1920. The neo-gothic style architecture was fulfilled in Indiana limestone.

Project Details: At the West Elevation of the structure, RBS performed brick masonry, limestone masonry, and cement stucco repairs. RBS ground & pointed back-up brick masonry, rebuilt outer wythe of brick, ground and sealed cracks; replaced damaged limestone units, installed full depth Dutchman, ground and pointed limestone mortar joints, rebuilt the limestone caps and parapet; and replaced stucco 100{f77302316be30ff15c3d03711b47f2af6eea932f7defd12d9dfad64cddac4ce6} at the West Elevation.

Another project involved assisting an architect with exterior and interior wall inspections. Under architect’s direction, we completed tracery repairs dismantling / reassembling 13 traceries, repair and replacing decorative limestone and installing stainless steel pins for stability. Limestone repairs included grinding and pointing limestone mortar joints at the entire upper north elevation and within three bays on the south and installation of drip edge at the same areas; removal and replacement of limestone units. We also dismantled and reinstalled limestone cladding of the chimney to the roof line and repaired / replaced the masonry back-up.
East Point Condominiums
6101E North Sheridan Rd | Chicago, IL

About: Construction completed on this Lake Michigan shoreline high-rise in 1967. The modernist architectural style exhibits an exposed concrete and brick façade climbing 391 feet, or 44 stories, into the sky. The building curves 100 lineal feet toward the southeast for maximum skyline views.

Project Details: RBS was contracted to perform an extensive, multi-phased exterior wall repair program of predominately concrete, masonry, and sealant repairs. Specifics included vertical concrete repairs; concrete repairs at the slab edges, underside surfaces, topside surfaces and through-slab repairs; grinding and tuckpointing at brick masonry spandrel panels; window sealant repairs; installation of flashing membrane; patching of CMU back-up at spandrel panels; and routing and sealing of cracks at the concrete.
Statesman Condominiums
5601 North Sheridan Rd | Chicago, IL

About: Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architect Milton Schwartz, The Statesman completed construction in 1964. Overlooking Lake Michigan in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood this 20-story, concrete building is primarily clad in stucco and sits atop stilt-like steel pillars.

Project Details: RBS assisted in close-up wall inspections and performed repair work, as directed. Repair work included removal and replacement of existing sealant at joints between the stucco and adjacent window panning system, installation of sealant at metal-to-metal sill joints, and rout & seal of cracks in the stucco cladding.
Roscoe Village Lofts
1800 West Roscoe St | Chicago, IL

About: This 240,000 square foot, 5-story structure was converted into a 150-unit, residential loft building in the late 80’s. Original construction was completed in 1924 and housed the Eversharp pencil factory. The exterior structure consists of brick masonry spandrel panels, concrete sills, and exposed concrete columns.

Project Details: RBS has performed extensive repairs at the exterior wall of this property over many years. Most recently work included grinding and tuckpointing of mortar joints, localized reconstruction of brick masonry spandrel panels, lintel replacement / refurbishment, and sealant replacement at windows. We also performed removal, replacement, and installation of flashing systems; concrete patch repair; and installation of new silicone sealant at joint between the concrete framing and masonry cladding.
Folio Square Condominium Association
124 West Polk St | Chicago, IL

About: Built in 1910, this 10-story Printer’s Row loft building consists largely of brick masonry façade and decorative terra cotta elements & sills.

Project Details: The work scope for the façade repair called for brick masonry, limestone masonry, terra cotta, concrete, and sealant repairs. Explicitly, RBS performed grinding and tuckpointing of joints at the terra cotta; removal and reconstruction of brick masonry at the parapet and wall surfaces; A removal and installation of new shelf angles / lintels, concrete patch repairs at concrete columns; and removal and replacement of sealant at terra cotta-to-terra cotta butt joints, metal-to-terra cotta window sills, and perimeter joints.
Chicago Residential, Inc.
2440 North Lakeview Ave | Chicago, IL

About: Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011, this 18-story, residential high rise building features a mix of brick masonry capped off by terra cotta quoin and coping units, a design style used to mimic Manhattan architecture at the time.

Project Details: RBS was contracted to perform an extensive, multi-phase exterior wall restoration project. Brick masonry repairs included grinding and tuckpointing of the mortar joints; removal and replacement of sealant along the topside joints within the belt courses, window sills, and coping units; removal, replacement, reconstruction of outer wythe and back-up brick; and removal & replacement of steel shelf angles. Terra cotta repairs were performed at the quoins, window heads, jambs, mullions, and sills. Sealant was removed and replaced at the window perimeters along with any necessary glazing repairs.
Michigan Building Corp.
229 East Lake Shore Dr | Chicago, IL

About: This 12-story high rise residential tower completed construction in 1920. The front-facing elevation consists of limestone cladding, whereas the remainder of the structure uses reinforced concrete structural columns, slab edges, and spandrel elements in-filled with brick masonry.

Project Details: The scope of work included as-necessary brick masonry, limestone, and concrete repairs. Specifically, grinding and tuckpointing; reconstruction / repair of distressed areas of brick masonry, limestone, and concrete wall areas and sealant replacement; lintel replacement; installation of flashing; sealant replacement at masonry-to-concrete joints; patching areas of deteriorated concrete; and routing & sealing of cracks.
Winston Towers Condominiums
6933 North Kedzie Ave | Chicago, IL

About: The Winston Towers community consists of five 15-story, gullwing-shaped condominium buildings constructed between 1965 and 1971 on Chicago’s far north side.

Project Details: RBS was contracted to perform general façade maintenance and balcony repairs at the original high rise building, Winston Towers No. 1. The project included horizontal and vertical concrete patching, railing repairs, sealant removal and replacement, grinding and tuckpointing of mortar joints, and brick removal and replacement.
345 Fullerton Condominiums
345 West Fullerton Pkwy | Chicago, IL

About: Completed in 1972, this property features two neighboring 300 foot tall skyscrapers built of concrete framing systems and reinforced by concrete columns.

Project Details: An extensive work scope included sealant and concrete repairs at the two towers. Specifically, sealant repairs were performed at window and sliding glass door frame perimeters, metal-to-metal joints, metal-to-glass glazing joints, and louver and door perimeter joints. Concrete repairs involved patching and routing & sealing cracks.
Eugenie Terrace Townhomes
150 West Eugenie St | Chicago, IL

About: Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, these 2 and 3-story townhomes are clad in brick masonry and feature large projecting bay windows with limestone sills.

Project Details: RBS has performed numerous rehabilitation projects at this property including grinding and tuckpointing mortar joints, removal and installation of new silicone sealant at window perimeters and at metal-to-metal joints within the window, removal and replacement of outer wythe brick, installation of new flashing systems, and refurbishment of steel lintels.
The Merchandise Mart
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza | Chicago, IL

About: Built in 1930, the iconic Merchandise Mart (TheMART) spans two city blocks offering over 4 million square feet of commercial space situated at the banks of the Chicago River.

Project Details: RBS’ most recent large-scale project at TheMART was to assist with examination of all elevations to address necessary limited limestone and terra cotta repairs. We performed reconstruction of areas of deterioration and rehabilitation of supporting steel; full replacement / dutchman at limestone; at terra cotta full replacement pieces, pinning of cracked pieces, and tuckpointing & cementitious patches on areas of limited deterioration.
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