Masonry Repairs
Chicago’s extreme weather cycles can cause deterioration of masonry due expanding and contracting of materials during hot and cold seasons. Repairs often expose more serious problems where walls need to be partially rebuilt and ties to the building structure strengthened or replaced. In extreme cases, steel lintels and other supporting members may need to be replacing.
Terra Cotta Stone
Building decorations exposed to weather for long periods deteriorate and lose luster, spoiling the appearance they were designed to enhance. They can also crack and loosen over time, presenting potential fall hazards. RBS can repair or recreate these decorative elements and safely restore them to their original beauty.
Concrete Restoration
Concrete building framing members, panels and reinforced balcony slabs can crack and allow moisture to enter the building itself or attack the reinforcing steel. RBS can repair cracks and replace entire cladding or slabs.
RBS can replace loose, cracked or missing mortar in masonry walls. Good, clean tuckpointing and careful mixing of mortar to blend in repairs can restore a building to prime condition. The process can also detect mortar problems which can lead to shifts in masonry – the cause of larger infiltration opportunities and even threatening the structural integrity of the wall.
Sealant Replacement
RBS can replace failed, cracked or loose caulking at windows, doors, and other wall penetrations. These are often the most vulnerable building areas for water infiltration.
Structural Steel
Underlying structural steel elements may be so deteriorated that they must be repaired or even replaced. RBS has the capability to remove external masonry cladding and complete essential repairs to the steel structure.
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